Out of the Elements

Friends of Mt Field

Lake Fenton  The weather prospects were a bit disconcerting, but the day turned out not too bad at all. Even at the exposed area at lake Fenton, which is subject to the brunt of any wind, there was no problem working, even though a bit blustery and chilly. Party at Belcher Hut, Lake Fenton Greg […]

Demarcation Line Reached

Goat Hills After discovering Erica last year in a part of Goat Hills we returned to finish clearing it to the point where the bush ends and a power easement cuts through. It is hoped that TasNetworks will deal with the weed from this easement before too long. On completing the task, we returned to […]

Reducing Shortcuts

Friends of Mt Field

Mount Field Visitor Centre Since the new path to Russell Falls was opened there has been a problem of visitors taking a shortcut by leaving the path and trampling areas that would otherwise regenerate.  Screening plants have now been put in to attempt to halt this action.  It has become much more of a problem […]

Friends of Three Hummock Island

Wildcare Friends of Three Hummock Island have sent in some gorgeous photos from their working bee held late last year.  This is their story….. Farewell We undertook all work with their consent of course and under the watchful eye of Bev and John O’Brien, the resident mangers. Sadly Bev and John are leaving the island, to […]

Day trip to Maatsuyker Island

Fancy a day trip to this remote but beautiful island? Its on again in February with a back up date in March. To find out how it all work please read the attached information sheet and payment form. Spaces are very limited so be quick! Information Sheet Payment form

Fee’s March Muster

Our favourite Freycinet Park Ranger, Fiona Everts, has written a lovely report for the recent March Muster

Getting ready for the new season

Friends of Lillico Penguins held one of the several Working Bees they have during the winter period, on Saturday July 21st. This is to ensure that everything is ready for their upcoming guiding season.             Fortunately, it was a lovely sunny winters day with weeding and burrows being the main […]

Maria Island Upcoming Lime Washing Working Bee

Friends of Maria Island

Register here for the working bee that brings ongoing praise from thousands of visitors to Maria Island. Many visitors comment on the well kept and painted convict buildings throughout Darlington. Join the Friends of Maria Island and the PWS on this satisfying, annual repaint of the convict buildings using the traditional lime-washing techniques that the convicts would […]

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