Takes time to Remove Regrowth

We worked on small regrowing Erica for most of the morning. It was predominately from plants previously cut off too high up the stem, which doesn’t have a good a hit rate as those cut close to ground. There were also a few spots with a mass of tiny seedlings, most of these are being […]

Friends of Maatsuyker Island – Newsletter No. 14

Friends of Maatsuyker Island

Catch up on the latest FOMI news in our September 2020 newsletter. Recent working bees New door for Quarters 2 Pennicott Foundation donation Maatsuyker Through Our Eyes Shearwaters Lighthouse restoration works Thank you FOMI members Jill Mooney and Ailsa Fergusson for compiling this edition, and to the contributors for your wonderful stories. FOMI Newsletter No. […]

New snow poles for Twisted Lakes

Wildcare Cradle Mountain Volunteers Twisted Lakes Snow Pole Project or Round the Twist(ed Lakes) again! by Sally Simco, President, Wildcare Cradle Mountain Volunteers The “WILD and Twisted” Snow pole Project was an initiative carried out by Wildcare Cradle Mountain Volunteers (WCMV) over 2 years (2018, 2019) as part of their adopt-a-track programme at Cradle Mountain-Lake […]

Welcome to Wildcare Ingrid

Ingrid Boone joined one of our recent ‘Welcome to Wildcare’ Zoom Info sessions and is looking forward to becoming further involved. We look forward to seeing where Ingrid’s Wildcare journey takes her and say a big thank you to all our new members for choosing to volunteer with us – whether through joining one of […]

Your Penguin questions answered!

Friends of Lillico Penguins

Did you know that parent penguins carry food back to their chicks in their gut, because if it was in their beak they would lose their balance? And that the divorce rate amongst penguin couples is 18-50% and faithful pairs produce up to three times as many chicks as birds that don’t stay together? Apart […]

Volunteering, wonder and well-being

An article published this week by The Impact Suite summarised the findings of a recent study that investigated the volunteering habits, mental health, and distress function of 70,000 research participants over an 18 year period. The study was conducted in the United Kingdom and published in the peer reviewed ‘The Journal of Happiness Studies‘. The […]

2020 Bumper Wildtimes is HERE!

Our latest newsletter, Wildtimes showcases the work of Wildcare groups. This is a bumper edition as our groups have been busy reflecting while they had a break from volunteering in the field. The diversity of stories is amazing. As one of our leaders said: This bumper, superdooper WILDTIMES, truly portrays what a wonderful, unique organisation we have […]