Re-vegetation at Miena Park foreshore of Orielton Lagoon

On 21 June, 21 willing workers from Friends of Pitt Water Orielton Lagoon, The Green Army and Conservation Volunteers Australia joined forces to plant 635 tube stock – ground covers, grasses and sedges. Although it was raining and the mud was thick (adding 5cm to everyone’s height) the group stoically stuck (!) to the task. […]

Revegetation working bee Miena Park Sorell

Tuesday 21 June any time from 9am until 3pm – join the Green Army in a planting/weeding working bee at Miena Park, Sorell. We (Friends of Pitt Water Orielton Lagoon) have been successful in receiving a grant from NRM South for one days work with the Green Army. The grant includes $500 for plants (ground […]