Friends of Freycinet – May Mayhem working bee

Friends of Freycinet

May saw the Friends assemble once again at Freycinet for the May Mayhem working bee.  Gathering mid-morning on Monday 16th for morning tea and briefing the group then split into two and spent a productive afternoon removing weeds from nearby areas.  The normal culprits of course were found and removed – bridal creeper, bluebell creeper, […]


Great outcomes for FOMIs Wildcare Tasmania weed control and shearwater monitoring 2021-2022 season have been achieved thanks to the terrific support over the past five years from the Pennicott Foundation This commitment and support from Robert Pennicott and the Pennicott Foundation has provided a significant boost to these programs. The Weed Control program is […]

Donors support research into vaccine to protect Tasmanian Devils

Substantial progress on the development of an oral bait vaccine to protect devils against devil facial tumour disease has been made possible through funding from the Tasmanian Devil Cause of Wildcare’s Tasmanian Nature Conservation Fund. This project shows what can be achieved when volunteers, donors and like-minded organisations are brought together through the Wildcare platform. […]

Twisted Lakes Track Project completion

by Taylor Benny (PWS Cradle) and Sally Simco (President, WCMV) The Twisted Lakes Track Work project has been a partner initiative between Wildcare Cradle Mountain Volunteers (WCCMV) and PWS Cradle Mountain that has seen the improvement of approximately 420 metres of severely degraded track along the Twisted Lakes Track in Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National […]

You wouldn’t want to be a blackberry on Tamar Island!

Weeding is a high priority for many Wildcare groups as they seek to restore native vegetation and habitat in the areas they love. How many times have you heard weeding described as a ‘battle’ or a ‘war’? It’s certainly one that requires consistent effort and patience. In the language of battle, the Friends of Tamar […]

It’s been a great year so far for Crag Care

Crag Care update first half of 2022 Well Crag Care has had a busy few months, with four working bees run so far this year all at different Tassie climbing areas. Three of those areas – Freycinet, Fingal and kunanyi Organ Pipes were new for us, so it was pretty exciting to get the opportunity […]