Wildcare is Seeking a Chief Executive Officer


Due to an exciting period of change and growth, a rare opportunity for a part time CEO has presented itself. We are searching for a candidate with practical operational experience who has the ability to lead and build on a positive culture and utilise their skills to develop and implement organisational strategy and positive change. […]

New Bookkeeper Appointed


  Introducing Alexandra Wise I’m very happy to be on board with Wildcare and looking forward to getting my teeth into the financial side of things……..so bear with me while I find my feet! It was never clear to me what I wanted to be when I grew up, but in 2005 after many years […]

Unexpectedly Thick

Goat Hills Back in October 2017 we started checking a site in Goat Hills and found some mature Erica here and there. There was not enough time to check and clear the whole site and the Friends of Wellington Park returned on this very pleasant April day. All seemed to follow the previous script, but […]

Historical Eagle Creek Track Cleanup

The Wildcare Friends of Macquarie Harbour and Waterways will be conducting a clean up of the historical Eagle Creek Track beginning April 12th over three days and two nights. Transportation will be provided by “Stormbreaker.” All gear and provisions need to be self provided. Joining the Franklin and Gordon Rivers, this is part of the […]

A Tale of Seafarers, Founders & Other Passionate People

In 1798 Captain Matthew Flinders and surgeon George Bass entered the Tamar River in their sloop the Norfolk, the first Europeans to do so, on their circumnavigation of Tasmania from Sydney. Some 220 years later, on Saturday, 24 March 2018, Wildcare Inc. held its 20th year Annual General Meeting at the Bass and Flinders Centre […]

March Muster for Freycinet

We lugged dead trees from paths, weeded sweet pittosporum and gorse, combed beaches for sea spurge, straightened fences, replaced posts, painted signs, spread mulch, built a table, visited Meetus and Harding Falls, fixed a gas bbq but most importantly we had a great time. Its remarkable how 10 volunteers from all over the state find […]

One More Effort

Inglewood What Gorse that remains in the bush on the southern edge of Inglewood Fire Trail should easily be cleared up with one more session. An impressive volume was cut down at our latest event and all up it has been a splendid effort of 15 sessions over 7 years for the 500 metre long strip of land. […]

Art Exhibition and Book Launch – Maatsuyker through our eyes

You are invited to: ‘Maatsuyker through our eyes’ – Art Exhibition and Book Launch Wild Island presents Amanda Walker, and Paul Richardson’s art exhibition and book launch at WILD ISLAND, 33 Salamanca Place, Hobart. Opening night will be officiated by ABC radio presenter, Chris WISBEY at 5:30pm on the 23rd March. The exhibition will continue […]

Join the Macquarie Harbour Clean-up

From the 7th – 11th April Volunteers, industry, stakeholders and the community are joining together to collect marine debris from beaches and coves in Macquarie Harbour, to prevent harm to our wildlife and the environment. If you’d like to join in, go to this link to register. Clean-up teams will collect marine debris from remote […]

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