A Seat in a Tranquil Setting.

Friends of Mt Field

There were three tasks for the day and all were completed with enough time to be able to visit the bridge and boardwalk at Lake Fenton after.  The work at Fenton was made possible by a grant from the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife and we had the pleasure of taking a holidaying members […]

Opportunities for tapping into academic expertise

  University of Tasmania researchers, and community-based citizen scientists, now have a convenient way to share ecological research opportunities and ideas – and to find out what work has already taken place. An online dynamic register has been developed and can be accessed at: www.utas.edu.au/social-change/affiliated-research-centres-and-groups/utas-cares The aim is to increase the interaction between UTAS staff […]

Bush Getting Better

Getting a lift up to Goat Hills is a great boon, but when we have to get back on foot the old route is a much pleasanter way both visually and ease of walking. To enable us to go this way a car shuffle was arranged and it worked out well. Some plants in the […]

Keeping track of rats and weeds

Big Green Island Bait Station Install Dates

Even wondered how you can keep track of all your weed locations or maybe how you monitor over 2,000 bait stations on a remote island? Well, come along to a Friends of GIS meeting and we can show you how Friends of Maatsuyker and Friends of Bass Strait Islands are using mobile technology to keep a […]