Wildcare Strategic Plan 2021-2024
Wildcare Tasmania Inc. Constitution – V5.0 April 2022
Wildcare Tasmania Code of Conduct – V4.0 February 2024
Wildcare Tasmania Privacy Policy – V2.0 February 2024
Working with Wildcare V3.0 – August 2020
Tasmanian Nature Conservation Fund Prospectus – 2021
Wildcare TNCF Operating Procedures – V4.0 November 2020

Wildcare Certificate of Incorporation
Wildcare Certificate of Entry to Register of Environmental Organisations (& Deductible Gift Recipient Status)
Wildcare Charity Registration Certificate
Wildcare’s Fundraising Institute of Australia Membership Certificate

Wildcare Tasmania Public Liability Certificate of Insurance 2024
Wildcare Tasmania Workers Compensation – Certificate of Insurance 2024
Wildcare Tasmania Management Liability – Certificate of Insurance 2024
Wildcare Tasmania Voluntary Worker – Certificate of Insurance 2024
Product Disclosure Statement – Voluntary Workers Insurance

Wildcare Annual Report 2023
Wildcare Annual Report 2022
Wildcare Annual Report 2021
Wildcare Annual Report 2020
Wildcare Annual Report 2019
Wildcare Annual Report 2018

Wildcare Financial Statements and Audit Report 2021

UNCONFIRMED Wildcare AGM Minutes 23/03/2023
Wildcare AGM Minutes 19/03/2022
Wildcare SGM Minutes 02/04/2022
Wildcare AGM Minutes 20/03/2021
Wildcare AGM Minutes 21/03/2020
Wildcare AGM Minutes 23/03/2019

New Wildcare Group Form (Please contact the Wildcare Tas office before completing)
Guidelines for Proposed Wildcare Groups – Jun 2023