Application to form a Wildcare Tasmania Branch

This is a form that can be completed for the application of a new Wildlife Tasmania Branch.
eg. Wildcare Friends of .......
DD slash MM slash YYYY
This describes which National parks or areas you most commonly work in. This will appear on your Branch page.
Detail the type of work that you do so that members can get an understanding of the sorts of skills or experience that might be required. This will appear on your branch page.

Group Leader

The President will be the main contact on the branch page. They will also have access to the Wildcare Tasmania website to edit pages and send emails to branch members.
Preferred Title
Your Membership number is found at the top right of the Wildcare Tasmania homepage once you have logged in.
President - Name(Required)
This email will be included on the branch page so that interested members can contact you.

Other Office Bearers

Preferred Title
Secretary - Name(Required)

Treasurer - Name(Required)

General Members

Two general members must be listed below.
General Member 1 - Name(Required)

General Member 2 - Name(Required)

Partner Agencies

If you will be working on land managed by an authority such as Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service, local Council, or a private organisation, a letter or email of support or Volunteer Program Plan is required.
Max. file size: 64 MB.