Wildcare Tasmania is a powerhouse team of volunteers and donors supporting the care and conservation of Tasmania’s wild places, wildlife and cultural heritage. Wildcare has over 7,000 members and 90 Branches located all around the State.

We work in

  • National Parks and reserves
  • on private land and
  • in offices.

We work in close partnership with government agencies who have responsibility for managing our environment as well as with local government and private landowners. We welcome individual donations and bequests and provide exciting and inspiring opportunities for corporate partnerships.

To become a member join WILDCARE Inc complete the online Membership form and join us in the knowledge that your membership fee supports volunteering for reserve management, nature conservation and cultural heritage conservation in Tasmania. If you are interested in being an active volunteer with us simply complete the volunteering section of the form dealing with what skills you have, what you would like to do and where you would like to do it. You will hear about opportunities related to your interests when they arise.

Our organisation has 4 main areas of volunteer activity

  • Community Action in Reserves (CARes) – assisting Reserve management
  • Naturecare – assisting with nature conservation
  • Heritagecare – assisting cultural heritage conservation
  • WILDCARE Inc Office – assisting and supporting our members

Feel free to check out our governance, structure and relationships as well as our Board Members

ABN – 80 986 531 989