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Friends of Mt Field

It was a good day to have a lunch time BBQ because of the prediction of above 30°in the valleys meant we would be out of the sun well before it peaked. The first task of the day was to install a sign to mark the Beatties Tarn track, and although a few rocks were […]


Friends of Freycinet

It was supposed to be 8, but hey team, due to lumpy seas we can only get you there for 5. Oh well, at least we can get stuck into a few jobs here at Coles Bay for a few days. So we oil the seat and lookout at Friendly Beaches, we oil the numerous […]

All Finished

The Collins Bonnet track clearing project has now been completed, all within the year. It commenced in March 2015 on the lower 1.1 kilometre section, from the junction with the Collins Cap track, and gradually we worked up the steep slope in June and November with the final bit done on this December day. A […]


We have been going up to a bushland site at Goat Hills for 12 years removing the dastardly weed, Erica lusitanica (Spanish Heath) and, whilst it seems a never ending task, considerable progress has been made.  On this visit the plants being removed were mostly small, but there were still pockets of somewhat taller 2-3 […]