Wildcare Friends of Wellington Park

The Collins Bonnet track clearing project has now been completed, all within the year. It commenced in March 2015 on the lower 1.1 kilometre section, from the junction with the Collins Cap track, and gradually we worked up the steep slope in June and November with the final bit done on this December day. A terrific effort to be finished in 4 days. Another day was spent (April 2015) above the East West Firetrail rerouting the track to avoid wet, muddy sections.

This final day included cutting through a large tree over the track, and we got a demonstration of how challenging it was to get over when a Hobart Walking Club party arrived and many of the party struggled with the task.   Peter from PWS put in a mighty effort cutting through what proved to be a very difficultly aligned trunk.  Meanwhile much further up the track the group managed to make a really good job of clearing back the track with all the work finished before a late lunch.

In a year or so we will do a walk through just to keep the track in good order

Freshly cleared track Collins Bonnet