Working group meeting – FoPWOL 16 Nov 2016

In the past the Pitt Water Working Group has achieved great things by bringing together land managers, community members and experts to ascertain priorities across tenure, and best practice for implementing those plans. As a group thousands of dollars have also been awarded through grants that individual organisations would not have been eligible for. Alena […]

SPRING? Volunteer Program at Cradle

WCMV Snow on Cars Waldheim

Volunteer track workers on the spring program at Cradle Mountain recently experienced very wintry conditions. Some people would be happy to stay tucked up in a warm cabin on days like this but not the hardy souls from Wildcare Cradle Mountain Volunteers who spent hours out working on the Maryland and Hounslow Heath Tracks (which were more […]

Expanded Options

Friends of Mt Field

Strong winds seemed likely but there were various alternatives available instead of the planned work in highland part of the park.  However, the latest predictions indicated it would not be strong until later in the day and on arrival at Mount Field it was relatively calm. We decided to chance it high up and started down the track from Lake […]

Wildtimes 56

The latest version of Wildtimes in now available on the website – click here to read articles from some of our diverse branches.  

Two mapping sessions before summer

Fulcrum App

Friends of GIS have just two more sessions before summer so if you are looking to get your data into our software for easy field data collection then make sure you book in for November or December. We now also have two iPads available for use by groups so its a one-stop solution! Bring out […]

Tasmanian Lighthouse Conference

Friends of Deal Island

Members of Friends of Deal Island, Maatsuyker Island, and Tasman Island will be among the speakers at the inaugural Tasmanian Lighthouse Conference in November.  The Conference is being held at Lindisfarne Rowing Club on Saturday 26 November.  For registrations and information, go to  

Poorer for the work

Goat Hills Well some of our group were certainly somewhat poorer after putting in a good day of work. Between morning break and lunch our packs were tampered with and goods stolen.  One pack top zip was open and wallet half hanging out and on investigation found money and iPhone gone.  Most of the packs […]