KarstCare – Cavers caring for caves

Karst Care

Karstcare is a Wildcare group who contribute to cave management in Tasmania, enabling cavers to minimise the impact of pursuing their passion. Whilst they do the odd surface weed eradication/re-vegetation project (just to get some vitamin D!), their workplace is predominantly underground and requires specialist skills. Sometimes, the worksite may be 2 hours or more […]

FROTHI’s 3rd annual Working Bee a success!

It was a spectacular few days on Three Hummock Island for our 3rd annual FROTHI working bee! We pulled as much Sea Spurge as we could and collected every bit of marine rubbish that crossed our paths as we made our way along those tremendous golden beaches of Three Hummock Island. It was a fantastic […]

Sounds of the Southwest

A music night to share the beauty, conservation ethic and stories of Port Davey also raised funds for Friends of Melaleuca‚Äôs volunteer work. The 25th May was a wintry night but the Moonah Arts Centre auditorium was booked out! Tony Fenton, Peter Marmion and Mick Lawrence put together this program of music and photography inspired […]

Supporting vaccine research to fight Devil Facial Tumour Disease

Devil Facial Tumour Disease is a transmittable, aggressive and malignant cancer that is having a devastating impact on the Tasmanian Devil population. Research into the development of a vaccine to fight the disease is taking great strides thanks to the work of the Wild Immunology Group from the Menzies Institute for Medical Research. The primary […]