Friends of Acton Park Reserves ‘hill top’ nature care report

Friends of Acton Park Reserves

Friends of Acton Park Reserves are working on creating a wildlife corridor of habitat to support the local wildlife population of bandicoots, pademelons, birds, (swift parrots sighted in the area) and other species. The group provides volunteer opportunities for new volunteers and people of all ages and physical abilities. They aim to recreate native habitat […]

Karst Care – Looking after the Cave Catchment

Karst Care

Karstcare has been involved with two related projects over past few months. These projects are extremely labour intensive, so we’ve called for help from both North West Walking Club (NWWC) and Launceston Walking Club (LWC) – alongside members of Northern Caverneers (NC) who who regularly volunteer with Karstcare. The first projects have been cleaning out […]

An Interview with the Artist

Black Gum Conservation Group

Mel Hills on a Life of Ecology, Art, and All Things Nature Mel Hills grew up in Orford on the east coast of Tasmania, where she was never far from nature. Whether it was the coastline, the wildlife, or roaming in the hills, Mel developed a deep love for Tasmania Landscapes from a young age. […]

Crag Care Tasmania- what’s been happening?

Hi! It’s been a minute since our last post so here’s what’s been happening with Crag Care of late! It’s been a big 12 months with five working bees at six Tassie cliffs including Freycinet, Fingal, Launceston Gorge, Hobart City Crags, Ben Lomond and kunanyi (Mt Wellington). Here’s a bit about what’s been going on. […]

Weeding on Tamar Island

Our glorious kanamaluka/Tamar 1st of November morning started with Robyn, Grey and Jing spotting a wedge-tailed eagle soaring high over the wetlands, and ended with a farewell from a white-bellied sea eagle who did a low pass over the Wetlands Centre. Our trek to and from the island at low tide led us past dozens […]