We think we got the lot

Friends of Mt Field

Marriotts falls Track Back in 2013 a patch of Spanish Heath (Erica lusitanica) was noticed not far from the track to Marriotts Falls and a start made on removing it. The location was surrounded by a large grassy marsupial lawn that was presumably once a farm paddock. Although in this area the track crosses private […]

June Jam Packed Jolly Report

Friends of Freycinet

  The June Freycinet working bee was certainly jam packed (starting off with jam and cream and scones), and pretty jolly as well. Thirteen Wildcare volunteers spent 481 hours around Coles Bay and far flung beaches to the north, weeding, raking, burning, cleaning, clearing drains, picking up rubbish, pointing (rock work, not looking at views), […]

A Museum for Melaleuca

It seemed a good idea when Friends of Melaleuca was offered the opportunity to take over the Deny King Bird Observation Hide as a space to house a small museum. Because of the increasing vulnerability of the endangered Orange-bellied parrot, the bird monitoring program was moved to a location further away from the busy airstrip […]

Claytons Corner Melaleuca

Where Melaleuca Inlet broadens into Forest Lag before flowing into Bathurst Harbour, there is a quiet nook called Claytons Corner. A jetty there is a favoured refuge from the ‘Roaring Forties’ for small yachts and fishing boats, and a little up the bank a small cottage is hidden among the trees. The cottage snuggles next […]

Don’t Turn Your Back On Erica for Too long

On the morning of this working bee there had been a few showers and although it was predicted to clear, it looked somewhat uncertain how long this would take. The Council supervisor thought it may be best to cancel. Whilst the working bee had been cancelled it is usually necessary to turn up at the […]

Woodvine News

  On 24 May we had a celebration of Woodvine, and it was a fantastic day. We shared a meal, plus stories, memories and plans for the site. Some items had been taken out of storage for the day, and so delicate needlework, a beautiful clock and a hand-made doll reminded us that life at Woodvine in […]

OBP observation shifts at Melaleuca are now open!

Friends of the Orange-bellied Parrot are calling for committed and capable volunteers to monitor the wild population of this beautiful parrot over the coming breeding season. Wildcare members are invited to apply, as couples, to spend two weeks at Melaleuca during the season between the 10th of October and the end of April. Couples do […]