Penna Beach Fennel Attack Part Two

Over the past two Sundays our Pitt Water – Orielton group have commenced weeding away the invasive Common Fennel and Boxthorn from the shore around Penna Beach. We had an enthusiastic team of 10 on both days! Having had lots of recent rain, the ground was ripe for easier pulling of weeds. However the deep […]

Friends of Freycinet – free at last (Part Two)

Friends of Freycinet

Did torrential rain stop us?  No.  One team weeded 615 great mullein plants from the northern end of the park near Bicheno in heavy rain. A couple of wimps (including me) helped build a large cabinet to store our Wildcare gear in the PWS workshop. Everything fitted in beautifully! A large team spent a day weeding […]

Erica Thicket

After 2 days of constant rain, Tuesday was a lovely warm and sunny day and ideal conditions for working. A large thicket of tall Erica remained from the last event at this site and big inroads was made on it. A further 20 square metres of this patch remains, plus a stretch of smaller Erica […]

Penna Beach Coastal Restoration Works Part One

To showcase Wildcare Gift Fund works for coastal restoration in Pitt Water.

In Pitt Water, coastal restoration works have begun to be implemented thanks to our Wildcare Nature Conservation Fund and the Sorell Council.  The Sorell Council in partnership with the Wildcare Friends of Pitt Water- Orielton Group have secured the grant.  The Sorell Council have built two new bridges to span outflow from the lagoon that […]

Catch it in the Catchment

More than just a clean-up The Friends of Low Head Penguins will be participating in this years ‘Catch it in the Catchment’. A community clean-up of kanamaluka / The Tamar Estuary Monday 3rd to Sunday 8th November, 2020 In November, 2019 the inaugural “Catch it in the Catchment” clean-up event was held. The community got […]

Tasman National Park – so beautiful

In the school holidays the Get Outside Program partners with Catholic Care’s homework group and we go outside. These past holidays we were lucky enough to go to Tasman National Park. We walked to Waterfall Bay on a gorgeous sunny day. We explored the Devils Kitchen, The Blowhole and the Tessellated Pavement. Such an amazing […]

Wildcare Get Outside goes to Tinderbox and makes new friends

I love finding a new reserve and sharing it with people. This trip I got to share the trip with 14 young people who are all studying English. Thanks to local volunteers Sandy and Rhys, and their dog Albie for showing us around. We saw beautiful views of The Channel, Hobart and Bruny Island. The […]

Get Outside to Snug Falls

Last Friday we went to Snug falls with Jodie, from Get Outside, for bush walk. It was a sunny day. The weather was very warm. We arrived about 10:10 a.m. In the beginning, Jodie told us some information about the track. The track was easy to walk but some places were muddy. We met some […]

Friends of Freycinet – free at last!

Friends of Freycinet

Free at last! penned by wordsmith Dave Harris (President, Friends of Freycinet) 1.  2. Free to travel to our wonderful Freycinet National Park for a working bee. Free to knock elbows with our wonderful PWS friends. Free to contemplate the large list of tasks assigned to us by Ranger Fiona. 3 4. But hang on: […]

larapuna Community Weekend Zoom

larapuna Community Weekend Zoom Each winter a large gathering of hardy souls normally heads to the coast for the larapuna Community Weekend. The team includes members of Wildcare Friends of larapuna Coast working in partnership with many other organisations and community members. Over three days, the team covers about 40 km of coastline, removing sea […]

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