In Pitt Water, coastal restoration works have begun to be implemented thanks to our Wildcare Nature Conservation Fund and the Sorell Council.  The Sorell Council in partnership with the Wildcare Friends of Pitt Water- Orielton Group have secured the grant.  The Sorell Council have built two new bridges to span outflow from the lagoon that lies behind the beach. This is to stop the erosion caused by walkers. This is part of the big picture in restoration works for the Pitt Water – Orielton Lagoon Ramsar site. The Wildcare Friends of Pitt Water – Orielton Lagoon are regrouping after a long period of quietude to do weeding work in this area over the coming weeks. We will be targeting Fennel, Boxthorn, Boneseed and other invasive species as part of our efforts to return this area to a natural state

To show the target weed for a restoration project at Penna Beach.

Common Fennel grows rampantly around the shore at Penna Beach.

To showcase Wildcare Gift Fund works for coastal restoration in Pitt Water.

Eastern Bridge behind Penna Beach built by Sorell Council works team.

To show case Wildcare Gift Fund works in 2020

One of two bridges built by the Sorell Council works team at Penna Beach.