CONVERSATIONS, CONNECTIONS and CLIMATE at the Southern Wildcare Expo this Saturday!

Are you curious about conservation (and climate)? Wildcare Tasmania supports people to care for Tassie‚Äôs wild places, wildlife and rich cultural heritage through collaborative on-ground action. We take action within social and environmental forces that at times seem daunting and we act with hope and optimism about the cumulative and sometimes catalytic impact of our […]

Penna Beach Restoration Project

Friends of Pitt Water Orielton Lagoon/Sorell Council - Penna Beach Foreshore Project

By Georgie Davis, Co-ordinator, Wildcare Friends of Pitt Water Orielton Lagoon   Penna Beach has had a significant make-over, bringing it back to the place of beauty and tranquility it once was. Collaboration between Sorell Council and Wildcare Friends of Pitt Water Orielton Lagoon has resulted in the successful implementation of restoration works through a […]

Power to the Pruners at Cradle Mountain

  The Cradle Mountain Volunteers branch has its roots in the Volunteer Track-worker program which commenced at Cradle Mountain in 2014. Following the initial hard cut- back to remove vegetation that had encroached on the tracks in the day-walk area, a regular prune has been the secret to keeping growth under control. This year, the […]