WILDCARE Cradle Mountain Volunteers


The Cradle Mountain Volunteers branch has its roots in the Volunteer Track-worker program which commenced at Cradle Mountain in 2014. Following the initial hard cut- back to remove vegetation that had encroached on the tracks in the day-walk area, a regular prune has been the secret to keeping growth under control.

This year, the volunteers will be heading out on the Spring-bee, 14th Nov-3rd December with new battery-operated pruning tools in hand. The purchase of 2 hedge-trimmers and 2 pruners was made possible due to funding from the Wildcare Tasmanian Nature Conservation Fund.


These will be real “game-changers” when it comes to pruning back tough vegetation such as baeura, and creating a more natural trim on the button-grass. They’ll also save much repetitive snipping, reducing hand-strain and work-time.

Recently, volunteers attended a workshop on safe-handling and maintenance of the new equipment, and practised pruning techniques in preparation for future working-bees.


Cradle Mountain Volunteers are keen to get out on track at Cradle and are looking forward to a ‘blooming good time’ as they Spring into Action helping Parks.

VACANCIES exist for the Spring-bee Week 1 and 3. Register NOW