We put the care in wild

A large portion of Tasmania’s spectacular wilderness, and much of the western half of Tasmania, is listed as the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. It contains some of the most important natural areas, communities and landscapes in the world, including Southwest National Park, Franklin Gordon Wild Rivers National Park, Cradle Mountain – Lake St Clair […]

Oh it’s so good to GET OUTSIDE – A Bushwalk on Risdon Brook Dam

A walk at Risdon Brook Dam The Get Outside Branch had its first outing since the Corona Virus stopped the excursions in March 2020. The participants on this walk are all studying English at English Languages South at Tas TAFE. They wrote the following recount: “On a foggy day in June, 25 people went outside […]

From Utah to down under – Meet Hunter Birch

Hunter Birch is a Wilderness Ranger at Zion National Park, Utah. During a recent 6 month stay in Tasmania, he discovered Wildcare and participated in 2 working bees with Friends of the Franklin River and Friends of Melaleuca. After safely returning to work in the U.S. – amidst dealing with crowds and search and rescues […]

Melaleuca through Andy’s Eyes

Melaleuca through Andy’s Eyes a b  c  Photographer in residence during Friends of Melaleuca‘s working bee in March 2020 was Andy Johnson, of Hillvale Photos in Brunswick, Melbourne. These are some of the images he took during the working bee. Although Andy loves old style film cameras, these ones were taken with a digital SLR […]

Interested in joining or new to Wildcare?

If you haven’t yet dipped your toes in the Wildcare water, and would like to find out where to start, you are invited to join our ‘Welcome to Wildcare’ Zoom on Tuesday 23rd from 12noon – 12:30pm. Join Wildcare CEO, Sharon Smith, and Member Services Coordinator, Kim Willing as they introduce you to our groups […]

What’s happening to our Wedge-tailed eagles?

wedge tailed eagle monitoring

Could there be fewer than 1000 Tasmanian wedge-tailed eagles in the world? Wildcare Chair, Ian Lundy and his children, recently participated in a monitoring program that is inviting all Tasmanians to find out. The Lundys were one of over 50 teams who headed out on 29th-31st May each looking for raptors and white cockatoos in […]

Wild island. Fascinating history.

Wild island. Fascinating history. Stunning photos. Great stories. . . Join the equally fascinating, stunning, wild and great Friends of Tasman Island‘s Carol, Erika and Chris in this video presentation of the history of the infamous landing for the Tasman Island lighthouse station from 1906 to the recent restoration completed in 2019.

Return to volunteering – how and when?

Return to Volunteering? The smiles of our Wildcare Leaders’ (some of whom are pictured here during a recent zoom catch up) will widen when Branches return to volunteering in the places they love. We know that the work hasn’t gone away and that we need to patiently prioritise the health and safety of our volunteers. […]