Return to Volunteering?

The smiles of our Wildcare Leaders’ (some of whom are pictured here during a recent zoom catch up) will widen when Branches return to volunteering in the places they love. We know that the work hasn’t gone away and that we need to patiently prioritise the health and safety of our volunteers.

Wildcare groups work with a range of different organisations, predominantly Tasmanian Government and Councils, and the timing of a return to volunteering will vary. At the time of writing, all non-essential volunteering programs held on DPIPWE managed land remain paused while COVID-19 safety planning is finalised. Visit the DPIPWE website here for updates. Volunteers working on Council managed land are advised to check in with their local council as restrictions vary between different municipalities. Some Councils have reopened volunteering activities, subject to specific conditions.

All groups have public health responsibilities and so it is important that all COVID-19 safety plan requirements are followed fully.

Wildcare Groups working on private land will need to complete a Covid-19 Safety Plan before recommencing work. Please contact us at if this applies to you.

Thank you for sending in your inspiring and creative stories over recent weeks. We look forward to seeing the pictures of your next adventures over the coming months!