Last Friday we went to Snug falls with Jodie, from Get Outside, for bush walk. It was a sunny day. The weather was very warm. We arrived about 10:10 a.m. In the beginning, Jodie told us some information about the track. The track was easy to walk but some places were muddy. We met some people walking their dogs on the way. One young dog was so excited, it jumped on one of my classmates and made her fall down the in the mud, it was a small episode. Jodie told us about the plants during our walk. She introduced us to Tea-Tree, Wattle Tree and Native Cherry. When we arrived at the falls, we were surprised to see how big it was. It was really a magnificent view. There was plenty of water in the falls. The water dropped so quickly and made a loud noise. We enjoyed it very much. We spent long time here, relaxing and took a lot of photos. There were 2 big logs at the waterfall and one of our classmates walked on one of the logs. Some people stood under the waterfall. Then Jodie took photo of us. She also told us about when we walked on the track to stay walking in the mud not to think about dirtying our about our shoes, to protect the place. My shoes at the end were very muddy. After that, we went to a beautiful park in Margate to have a lunch. My classmates brought lots of different food. I took a cake. It was the first time I had made cream. The cream tasted good but was really ugly. It was a good excursion and I learned lots of knowledge about nature. I especially liked the beautiful succulent that was named pig face. The walk was interesting. I like to go bush walking, and I like to go out with my class. Thank you very much Jodie.

Story written by students at Tas TAFE