Friends of Freycinet

Did torrential rain stop us?  No.  One team weeded 615 great mullein plants from the northern end of the park near Bicheno in heavy rain.

A couple of wimps (including me) helped build a large cabinet to store our Wildcare gear in the PWS workshop. Everything fitted in beautifully!

A large team spent a day weeding Sweet Pittosporum from the Whalers Lookout and Lookout Rock Conservation areas at Bicheno.

We were still polishing off the rest of the scones jam and cream, so suitably refreshed we reorganized the paint store, cleaned up the workshop, did more weeding around the PWS Visitors Centre, spread a truckload of mulch around the Wineglass Bay car park surrounds, removed an old unsightly veggie garden that was constructed with timber, wire and Perspex and took the junk to the tip, did a thorough clean of the windows and flyscreens at the PWS staff house that us vollies regularly inhabit, and dug a drain to channel water away from the backyard.

Not bad for three and a half days.Those of us with extra energy walked the new track to the Wineglass Bay carpark, went to Cape Tourville to see whales, to photograph the night sky, and to generally enjoy being in this wonderful National Park.

As with other Wildcare groups, we leave ‘our’ Park knowing that we have assisted our PWS friends and partners in maintaining it for future generations to enjoy.

Dave Harris, President, Friends of Freycinet

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Even though it was a busy week for our first working bee in 2020 we do get time to relax.
Part One of this article was posted on 8th October.


Photos: 1.(Top) Ralph, James, Peter looking for Sweet Pittosporum; 2. Fee, Tanya, Jenny removing Mullein; 3. Peter, James improving drainage at the Top House; 4. Lunch break – Tanya relaxing