Friends of Acton Park Reserves

Friends of Acton Park Reserves are working on creating a wildlife corridor of habitat to support the local wildlife population of bandicoots, pademelons, birds, (swift parrots sighted in the area) and other species. The group provides volunteer opportunities for new volunteers and people of all ages and physical abilities.

They aim to recreate native habitat by supporting natural regeneration of seed in the soil through an agreement to modified slashing programs with Clarence City Council, planting local species to create habitat and weeding of invasive species such as Spanish Heath and garden escapee weeds.

A report on their recent working bee follows:

By Sharon Smith, President 

Thank you to the 10 people that turned up to the nature care event on the hill top at the Tangara Trail Reserve, Acton Court, Acton Park on Sunday 19 November, 10.30 am – 12.00 noon.

We worked hard spreading mulch and digging up thistle and lots of new community social connections were made! During the morning’s conversations we heard from Liz Love and other people who participated in the original plantings, about the establishment of the reserve. Hopefully the mulch will help the native trees and shrubs survive what is likely to be a tough summer. Local residents said they were happy to see many thistle plants removed prior to seeding, as seed spreading is an issue in this windy area.

Thanks also to those of you who were unable to make it but sent encouraging messages! One of those was from Mike Newman, who is a long standing member of the group and as a highly respected ornithologist contributes valuable intel about local bird life. He has kindly provided his latest research on his bird observations at the Acton Court area. (Here).

Thank you to Clarence City Council for dropping mulch off and bins to collect the old plant guards.

There was much enthusiasm to keep the momentum going and there is still more work to be done so watch this space for future events in this area and other parts of the Tangara Trail in Acton Park.

đŸ™‹ TIP: if you haven’t checked out the Tangara Trail at Acton Court previously, it has incredibly scenic views and is a great space for a short loop walk or a picnic on top of the hill!

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Hope to see you at a future event!

Please spread the word about the Friends of Acton Park to family and friends of all ages. No particular skills are required at these events and we work on the basis of short bursts to fit in with busy lives!