Friends of Acton Park Reserves are working on creating a wildlife corridor of habitat to support the local wildlife population of bandicoots, pademelons, birds, (swift parrots sighted in the area) and other species. The group provides volunteer opportunities for new volunteers and people of all ages and physical abilities.

Who we are

The wildlife corridor commenced in 2016 working with Clarence City Council. The group works to an Acton Park Reserves Activity Plan developed by Clarence City Council.

Where we work

The wildlife corridor is based on the Tangara Trail in the Clarence municipality of Tasmania. The primary corridor being worked on is on the Axiom Track on the Tangara Trail Reserve.

What we do

We aim to recreate native habitat by supporting natural regeneration of seed in the soil through an agreement to modified slashing programs with Clarence City Council, planting local species to create habitat and weeding of invasive species such as Spanish Heath and garden escapee weeds. The Tangara Trail provides an ideal site for community engagement-orientated volunteering geared to schools, clubs, corporate volunteering groups etc. In 2018 an annual planting was established with Lauderdale Primary School called ‘Bandicoot Bunker Buddies’. The area provides the ideal safe accessible site to allow pathway opportunities for inexperienced volunteers and people of all ages and physical abilities.

Get involved

Become a member of Wildcare Tasmania and follow our branch page to be kept informed of upcoming volunteer working bees.

Get in touch

Have more questions? Want to get involved behind the scenes? You can email us at