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Goat Hills

Well some of our group were certainly somewhat poorer after putting in a good day of work. Between morning break and lunch our packs were tampered with and goods stolen.  One pack top zip was open and wallet half hanging out and on investigation found money and iPhone gone.  Most of the packs were close to a fire trail and two young people on bikes were seen going past and one of our workers did actually wonder if our packs were safe. Anyway it is a lesson learnt and from now on packs will be kept well away from passing eyes.

Greg at work on Erica

As to the work, patches of mostly mature Erica were located at several locations and all but one group were removed. Some spots had old stumps from our work there more than 10 years ago, whilst other areas had never been tackled before.  Despite the long time lapse without follow up things weren’t too bad at all and the native bush was doing OK and the birds sounded good.

Site with Erica before clearing

Same site with Erica now cleared

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