In the past the Pitt Water Working Group has achieved great things by bringing together land managers, community members and experts to ascertain priorities across tenure, and best practice for implementing those plans. As a group thousands of dollars have also been awarded through grants that individual organisations would not have been eligible for.

Alena Hrasky has recently become the ranger with responsibility for the area, and having been impressed by the group’s past achievements, thinks it’s time that the group got together again and looked at a plan for the next 12 months.

16 November 2016

10am – noon

Parks and Wildlife South East office

293 Surf Rd, Seven Mile Beach (next to the old shop, at the non-town end of the beach)

Please rsvp to, and invite anyone else who might be interested – or have ideas and knowledge we need to take into account. Based on minutes from previous meetings, this invitation includes Council, NRM, Parks, Friends of PWOL, Crown Land and Birds Tas.

A draft agenda will be sent closer to the date,

Sue Drake
WildCare Friends of Pitt Water Orielton Lagoon