Friends of Maatsuyker Island (FOMI) was formed in 2003 by a small group of volunteer caretakers, lighthouse island enthusiasts, and Tasmania Parks and Wildlife staff who shared a common bond – a love for Maatsuyker Island and a desire to see it cared for future generations. Today FOMI has strong membership and an active Committee. Our mission is to ensure the conservation, protection and recognition of Maatsuyker Island’s historic, natural and Aboriginal values.

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Where we work

Maatsuyker Island is a remote and rugged island 10 km off Tasmania’s south coast. It is the second largest island in the Maatsuyker Group of Islands, which is also part of the South-West National Park – Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. The island has a diverse flora and fauna, similar to other parts of coastal Tasmania, but it is unique, and arguably best known for, being the home of Australia’s most southerly lighthouse.

Unloading FOMI volunteers and gear on Maatsuyker Island (photo Ron Fehlberg)

What we do

Friends of Maatsuyker Island (FOMI) is committed to the conservation and protection of the natural, historic and cultural heritage of Maatsuyker Island. Our group works collaboratively with the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS), and other stakeholders, to undertake volunteer activities on- and off-island to achieve our goal.

Examples of FOMI’s volunteer activities include:

  • Annual working bees to:
    • Undertake restoration works and maintenance on the lighthouse tower and historic buildings.
    • Remove weeds (Blackberry, Montbretia, Californian Thistle, and Veronica elliptica).
    • Monitor the island’s short-tailed shearwater population.
  • Documenting historic objects on the island relating to the lighthouse station.
  • Supporting the PWS volunteer caretaker program.
  • Attending community events and public speaking to promote the island’s unique values and to increase awareness and understanding.
  • Fundraising to support our activities.

A FOMI volunteer checks short-tailed shearwater burrows (photo Sheryl Hamilton)

FOMI host exhibitions to showcase our activities. Exhibitions have been held at the Maritime Museum of Tasmania, Rosny Farm Arts Centre and 10 Days on the Island. You will see us regularly at local Tasmanian events such as the Wooden Boat Festival and Bellerive Seafarer’s Festival. FOMI welcomes public speaking opportunities and has spoken at the Royal Society of Tasmania, University for the Third Age (U3A) and on local radio.

If your community, school or special interest group would like to learn more about what FOMI does you are invited to contact us. Our contact details are below.

Special Projects

Some of FOMI’s special projects in recent years include:

  • Biosecurity Procedures – click here for guidance on how to avoid introducing pests and diseases to Maatsuyker Island.
  • Historic Objects – FOMI has completed a project to catalogue all the known historic objects on Maatsuyker Island. Click here for the Australian National Maritime Museum’s blog on the Catalogue of Objects.

Our Contacts

President: Marina Campbell

Vice-President: Sheryl Hamilton

Secretary: Amy Saunders

Treasurer: Stephen Anstee



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