No volunteer organisation can run without some dedicated office staff to keep things flowing. If you have a passion for keeping things in order, answering enquiries and helping us spread the word about Wildcare then join us at the office. We can really use the skills of administrators, graphic designers, webmasters, photographers and journalists.

Who we are

The “office” workers are the backbone of any organisation and we have some great talent helping us with the day to day running of Wildcare.

Where we work

We share an office with the Parks and Wildlife Service in Hobart. Centrally located in Hobart CBD, it has great access, a congenial atmosphere and a respect for the work of the volunteers! Not all roles require you to come into the office. Maybe you are a great copy writer, money manager, shop manager or computer specialist? If so you can certainly work remotely.

What we do

Administrative staff help to process memberships, write manuals, create brochures, train members in use of our online web system plus many more tasks. If you have a specialty that you think would be beneficial to the organisation we would love to hear from you. Perhaps you are a photographer and could photograph all the items that we sell via our new online shop? If you are great with WordPress or CiviCRM then you might assist our webmaster? This branch is also where we store all the usual forms, documents, safety information, workplace health and safety files that are required by members and branch presidents.

Our Contacts

Office Volunteers –

Member Services Coordinator – Kim Willing –

CEO – Sharon Smith –

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