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With the timber for the lining of the F.A. (Bobs) Peterson Memorial Hut at K Col having been delivered by helicopter we were keen to start the installation work.  Greg had been there earlier to place the timber out of the weather and inside the hut and also carried back the helicopter rigging. 

It normally takes about 1 ½ hours from the ski tows to walk to the K Col saddle and involves several sections of boulders, the most difficult of them on the descent from the Rodway Range.   However, on this occasion, after a cold clear night, conditions were very icy requiring great care and it took 2 hours to get there.   With short daylight hours we had to start back by 3PM, so time there was more limited than in the summer months.  Fortunately, a lot of the ice had melted and we made much better time.

View from Rodway Range


The hut is A framed with an upper sleeping platform. The existing interior wall lining is Masonite and is quite warped and stained and does not look very good. One side of the bottom section was relined and most of the old Masonite cut to fit behind the new Tasmanian Oak tongue and groove boards.  One end met at a straight edge but the other finishes at a sloping stone wall necessitating shaping the boards to the rock.
An aluminium sign was placed on the wall in acknowledgment of the grant obtained from the Tasmanian Community Fund that paid for the timber and helicopter use.
Further sessions will be scheduled when the daylight hours are longer.
New wall lining for K Col hut


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