Friends of Mt Field

In previous weeks Mount Field National Park had been hit by snow, storms and strong winds and the first evidence of this noticed was the scoring and other damage to the Lake Dobson Road.
It had been a long time since Lake Fenton was seen full, but it was overflowing today and there was a large pile of limb, branch and twig debris piled up and blocking the drains going under the new bridge over Lady Barron Creek. The result was a little minor gravel loss and we set about clearing all the debris away and placing well out flood reach. It is surprising that so many bigger limbs are still lying around the lake shore after all the time it has been there.
Debris blocking the drains at Lake Fenton


The plan we have hatched is to lay large flat rocks on top as a pavement and use course crushed rock to fill around and beside them.  The lighter path gravel used can be washed off with heavy water flow and it was obvious that the creek had been forced to flow over the bridge removing some in the process.
Kangaroo Moor


With that unscheduled task out of the way work commenced on clearing fallen trees and bushes on the track between Lakes Fenton and Webster. A couple took quite an effort, especially dense old Banksia and a Eucalypt.  Although the branches of one Eucalypt were removed, to make it easier to get over, the trunk had to be left as we are not permitted to use a chainsaw.   During the walk some small sections of overgrowing vegetation were trimmed.

Cutting the final bits of the large Banksia


Morning break on a sunny Kangaroo Moor
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