On 21 June, 21 willing workers from Friends of Pitt Water Orielton Lagoon, The Green Army and Conservation Volunteers Australia joined forces to plant 635 tube stock – ground covers, grasses and sedges.

Plants, willing workers, mud, rain

Plants, willing workers, mud, rain – raincoats, boots and waterproof leggings

Although it was raining and the mud was thick (adding 5cm to everyone’s height) the group stoically stuck (!) to the task. The area had been subject to tunnel erosion and the project aims to re-vegetate the foreshore where Orielton Lagoon meets Miena Park.

We look forward to visiting the site again in the spring to check on the plants and work on any weeding necessary. Hopefully it will be all green and gorgeous in the near future!

Re-veg at Miena Park

Re-vegetation at Miena Park

Thanks to NRM South for organising the event and providing the funding for the plants – particularly Paul Gray and Ruth Osborne, Also a very big ‘thank you’ to Sophia Newman for her unflinching efforts in leading the work groups.