Ingrid Boone joined one of our recent ‘Welcome to Wildcare’ Zoom Info sessions and is looking forward to becoming further involved. We look forward to seeing where Ingrid’s Wildcare journey takes her and say a big thank you to all our new members for choosing to volunteer with us – whether through joining one of our 60 groups in the field or supporting in another way.

Ingrid writes;

“I moved to Hobart from Sydney earlier this year. I moved here to be closer to nature and enjoy the beauty of Tasmania. I am passionate about caring for the environment and know that it is the collective efforts of many that will achieve results of maintaining preserving our beautiful planet.

I would like to ‘give back’ to the world and see that my albeit small contribution can help to make a difference.”

Our next Welcome Zoom is on this Thursday, 17 September at 12noon and you can register here.