Why did Luke decide to form a Wildcare group?

Luke Cooper is studying a PhD in Mathematics that is part of an Australia wide project to improve crop resilience and yield to provide sustainable food sources in a time of changing climate, increasing population and decreasing arable land. He is also the President of Wildcare’s newest group ‘Friends of the Henty‘. Once upon a […]

Inspiring art while controlling boxthorn and mirror bush

Congratulations to Friends of Bass Strait Islands (FOBSI) for winning the Coastcare Award (at the Landcare Awards ceremony held last weekend) and to President, Karen Ziegler who received an honorary mention in the Australian Government Individual Landcarer Awards. FOBSI’s tireless habitat restoration work on the Bass Strait Islands is truly inspiring – and weed control […]

Chauncy Vale – such a beautiful place

Recently 39 people from the Get Outside program gathered to explore the beautiful Chauncy Vale. I short walk uphill, stopping to listen to birds on the way, was rewarded with views and amazing caves. The sandstone rock tells many stories and the acoustics of the cave encourage sining. We enjoyed eating a bag of snakes […]

GET OUTSIDE – Fun in the sun!

Sometimes you just have to relax, enjoy meeting new people and try new ways of cooking food. The Get Outside program encourages migrants and refugees new to Tasmania to get outside and enjoy nature. Whilst enjoying time outside, participants learn about what to do and what not to do in national parks and local reserves. […]

Lick of Lime Working Bee Maria Island

Friends of Maria Island

Quite a crowd of very willing volunteers arrived on Maria on the 6th September to help give Parks staff a hand with the Lime wash of the buildings around Darlington. Our first task that afternoon was to check off all the safety requirements, collect our PPE, and pick up our lime washing equipment. The preparation […]

Get Outside – Silver Falls, Fern Trees and Sharing Stories

On the 12th of September, we went to Fern Tree for a short bushwalk to Silver Falls with an English class from Tas Tafe. It was a truly glorious spring day, with the sun out and warm air, and although the winds were strong everyone felt comfortable and relaxed. We introduced ourselves, talked about our […]

Year 8 students support Tasmanian conservation

In July, Wildcare was approached by a group of students from the Fahan School looking for a way to become involved. The group of year eight students felt a strong connection to nature and wanted to support conservation efforts being achieved at Wildcare. “We chose Wildcare because a lot of people don’t realise how much […]

OBP Calendar 2022 – Coming soon!

Friends of the OBP have produced an informative 2022 calendar that celebrates the critically endangered Orange-bellied Parrot and the volunteers who contribute to its recovery. Proceeds will go toward continued Orange-bellied Parrot recovery projects. The OBP Calendar will be sold for $22 and available for purchase mid October from the Wildcare Shop. For pre-orders email: […]

Protecting Tasmania’s Wilderness and World Heritage Area

The Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area (TWWHA) covers almost a quarter of the land area of Tasmania and is recognised as being of Outstanding Universal Value under UNESCO’s World Heritage Convention. Most UNESCO World Heritage sites meet only one or two of the ten criteria for that status. The Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area meets […]

Suddenly a Swathe of Boneseed

Soon after entering the Montrose Fire Trail there is a slope which once had a proliferation of Boneseed (Chrysanthemoides monilifera). It is listed as a declared weed and the Friends of Wellington Park obtained two days of work from a group from Conservation Volunteers. This was in 2013 and FOWP worked with them and then […]

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