The Wildcare Constitution sets out the fundamental agreements on where we are heading, and how we intend to get there. It’s a legally binding roadmap for how the organisation is to be governed, and the Wildcare Board is proposing some changes.

Just like other hard working and skilled Wildcare volunteer groups, the Wildcare Board are volunteers who put in significant hours and contribute a great deal of expertise to Wildcare.

In 2019, changes were made to the Wildcare Constitution, primarily to adjust the structure of the Wildcare Board to ensure that it was well set up to oversee an exciting future for Wildcare.

In turn, the current Wildcare Board is now proposing a fuller refresh of the Constitution to modernise it, update terminology and ensure that it provides the best framework for the future. The changes draw on the Board’s expertise and research and should reassure members that Wildcare is set up as an efficient and sustainable organisation long-term, including being able to offer a broader range of membership options.

We know that constitutional amendments don’t generally attract great excitement, however, the Wildcare Board warmly welcomes comments or questions on the proposed changes! Alongside this membership consultation, the Wildcare Board will also seek a legal due diligence review of the proposed changes.

The Wildcare Board will be hosting an information table, alongside many other Wildcare volunteer groups, at the upcoming Wildcare Expos. Members are welcome to ask any questions about the Constitution Review or any other Board matters.

In early 2022, a further Constitution Review briefing package will be released to members, ahead of a Special AGM in March 2022. At the Special AGM, members will be asked to vote on the changes.

If you have any comments or questions, please direct them to board@wildcaretas.org.au

Summary of Changes

Wildcare Constitution with marked up proposed amendments