The Spanish Heath Menace

Patches of Spanish Heath and Broom had been discovered beside some of the informal tracks near Barossa Creek. When arriving at the main Spanish Heath spot it was in flower, and this showed that it was more widespread within grass and sags than originally thought. This made for slow work and to take a break […]

NW Tasmania Penguin-Guide Training 2021

Friends of Lillico Penguins

Volunteer Penguin Guides are needed for: Friends of Burnie Penguins Friends of Lillico Penguins If you are interested in Little Penguins and like to talk with people who are viewing penguins, we’d like to hear from you. Saturday 18 September 2021 Time: 9.00am registration for 9.30am start – 3pm (lunch provided) Venue: UTAS West Park […]

Work in the High Country

During the winter it is often unpleasant for work in the higher parts of the park, but the weather was nice, and we decided to tackle trimming of the early part of the Lake Nicholls Track. It wasn’t particularly overgrown, but a trim now would save more extensive work later. About 400 metres of track […]

Friends of Claytons – A history and a tribute

Friends of Claytons By Janet Fenton with Photos by Geoff Doolan Friends of Melaleuca wishes to pay tribute to the achievements of the ‘Claytons’ volunteers who came before us. Claytons Corner, with its jetty and historic cottage (home of Win and Clyde Clayton from 1962-1976), affords refuge and recreation for many seafarers venturing to south- […]

Action on Sea Spurge in Northern Tasmania

Invading the North Coast of Tasmania, sea spurge has wreaked havoc on the remote area pushing the shore birds from their nesting areas. After volunteering with SPRATS (Sea sPurge Remote Area TeamS) on the West Coast of Tasmania Helen Plaister realised there was a desperate need to address the growing sea spurge crisis. As a […]

Stepping up to volunteer

Friends of Tasman Island

Q&A with Friends of Tasman Island volunteer Georgie Carr There are so many reasons to volunteer. From making new friends, learning new skills, or giving back to the community. We asked Wildcare Tasmania member Georgie Carr about her views on volunteering.     How long have you been volunteering? For more than 16 years, I […]

larapuna Community Weekend 2021

Join Wildcare’s Friends of larapuna Coast for three days of shared learning and helping conserve this spectacular coastline by removing sea spurge and marine debris. Enjoy walking the coastline between wukalina / Mt William NP. and Ansons Bay, removing sea spurge and marine debris along the way. We’ll take time to share stories and hear […]

Boxthorn Burn-off

Boxthorn Burn Off at Shark Point On Saturday 10th July we met at Shark Point to burn the Boxthorn we had painstakingly cut and poisoned over the past 3 months. Thanks to the kindness of  Gerrard, a local resident who lives right next to the main thicket, we were able to burn off on his […]

Deal Island Art – cards, bags and aprons now in Shop

Friends of Deal Island

Deal Island and the Kent Group have a strong connection with artists spanning many years. We were ecstatic when Philip Wolfhagen agreed to allow us to reproduce two of his works in the form of cards. Philip, one of Australia’s leading contemporary painters, based in Tasmania spent 12 days on Deal Island back in 2002 […]

Leading the Wildcare Way


Leading the Wildcare Way When people take responsibility for what they care about, you get inspiration linked to practical results. As part of our commitment to supporting our community of Leaders, Wildcare hosts monthly ‘Leaders’ Zoom calls’. These are lively and interactive – a chance to build relationships, learn from each other and ultimately become […]

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