Schouten Shenanigans

GOR BLIMEY! It’s the Schouten Island Barra Boy! His chair fell apart, but he made do with a one size fits all PWS wheelbarrow. You see, we badly needed a rest from our labours as for 7 days we gnashed 12,010 gorse plants (yes, we counted), thumped lots of thistles, and polished off (I hope) […]


Friends of Tasman Island

Crowd-funding as a means of raising funds for work on Tasman Island has been a new venture for Wildcare and Friends of Tasman Island. The project for 2017 was to restore the sunroom and verandah of Lightkeeper’s Quarters 2 (Q2). The crowd-funding was a huge success thanks to FoTI’s president, Carol Jackson and her team […]

Adding Softness

Friends of Mt Field

A grant from NRM South allowed the Friends of Mount Field to buy plants, stakes and tree guards to rehabilitate an area beside a new path to Russell Falls. We selected musk (Olearia argophylla), dogwood (Pomaderris apetala) and myrtle (Nothofagus cunninghamii) which grow naturally in the area and they will make the site more attractive. Meg and Greg planting […]

Chauncy Vale Wildlife Sanctuary Volunteer Caretaker Program 2018

The 400 hectare Chauncy Vale Wildlife Sanctuary features grassy woodlands, sandstone escarpments, caves, rich native bird diversity, and unique cultural heritage. At just 40 km from Hobart the reserve is accessible and frequented by bushwalkers, field naturalists, bird watchers, historians and family groups. This program is about establishing a roster of volunteers for periods of […]

Maatsuyker Island Art Cards

Maatsuyker Island Art Cards These beautiful cards are produced and sold as a means of raising funds for projects protecting the natural and historic values of Island. They are for sale at the Hobart Bookshop (Salamanca Square), PWS Huonville Shop and at FOMI community events. If you’re unable to make it to these venues, the […]

I’m Working in Sunshine (Wow!) and Don’t it Feel Good

Rangers Hut Painting

I’m Working in Sunshine (Wow!) and Don’t it Feel Good* The annual spring volunteering program at Cradle Valley traditionally delivers a wide range of interesting weather conditions to be either enjoyed or confronted by participants. Last year’s was particularly challenging with the first week being cancelled due to storm activity and the second week being […]

Continual Improvement

Devils Throne Two known soakage sections of several metres were tackled with stone to both avoid a wet and muddy spot developing and to improve walker comfort.  A short section remains to be done. These were at the western end of the track and additional trimming of vegetation was carried out there as well.  Others […]

Rock Solid

Friends of Mt Field

Mount Field East Track  Where a track crosses a boulder field shortly after the Seagers lookout junction, some rocks were placed to make the it easier to traverse them.  Further up the track, where rock hardening had previously been done, there was a large rock dragged to the site by Adrian still unused.  This was moved to harden more […]

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