Friends of Mt Field

A grant from NRM South allowed the Friends of Mount Field to buy plants, stakes and tree guards to rehabilitate an area beside a new path to Russell Falls. We selected musk (Olearia argophylla), dogwood (Pomaderris apetala) and myrtle (Nothofagus cunninghamii) which grow naturally in the area and they will make the site more attractive.

Meg and Greg planting Musk


It was most surprising how hard the ground had become in the two months since we last worked there and that contributed to the task taking longer than expected. Some other plants, including a variety of tea tree, were put in another site beside the Tyenna River to replace young plants that had not survived. Since doubling the size of tree guards, in February this year, the plants here had grown very well and only a few had succumbed.

Peter trying to hammer in a pole
Watch, this is how it is done


We finished in time to enjoy a barbeque lunch provided by Parks &; Wildlife and enjoyed an almond pear tart that was kindly provided by Gaye Turnbull.  Gaye had been a regular helper during the year, before moving to Canberra.

Most of the crew, Peter, Trevor, Meg,Shirley, Greg K, Greg B – Photo by Sue



“This project has been supported by NRM South through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme”