It’s the Schouten Island Barra Boy!

His chair fell apart, but he made do with a one size fits all PWS wheelbarrow.

You see, we badly needed a rest from our labours as for 7 days we gnashed 12,010 gorse plants (yes, we counted), thumped lots of thistles, and polished off (I hope) our 5000 plus square metre patch of periwinkle

Our other main task was to set up all the summer Campground caretakers gear.  All up, with all that gear, plus personal stuff for the 6 people on this working bee and the working bee gear such as tools, sprayers, herbicide and PPE it amounted to 3 full boatloads to be lugged up to the cottages and sorted into some semblance of order.

We also found time to bash some bracken and cut grasses around the buildings, doused an illegal campground fire, fixed up the homemade Bear Hill track sign, and did some tasks associated with the ‘long drops’ which I will not go into.

Two members of the party love the place so much they are returning with their better halves to do caretaking stints so a hell of a lot of work will still be done.

Just going off weeding dear, and may be some time!