Chauncy Vale – such a beautiful place

Recently 39 people from the Get Outside program gathered to explore the beautiful Chauncy Vale. I short walk uphill, stopping to listen to birds on the way, was rewarded with views and amazing caves. The sandstone rock tells many stories and the acoustics of the cave encourage sining. We enjoyed eating a bag of snakes […]

GET OUTSIDE – Fun in the sun!

Sometimes you just have to relax, enjoy meeting new people and try new ways of cooking food. The Get Outside program encourages migrants and refugees new to Tasmania to get outside and enjoy nature. Whilst enjoying time outside, participants learn about what to do and what not to do in national parks and local reserves. […]

Get Outside – Silver Falls, Fern Trees and Sharing Stories

On the 12th of September, we went to Fern Tree for a short bushwalk to Silver Falls with an English class from Tas Tafe. It was a truly glorious spring day, with the sun out and warm air, and although the winds were strong everyone felt comfortable and relaxed. We introduced ourselves, talked about our […]

Tinderbox Reserve – two trips – sunny and rainy.

Tinderbox Reserve – What a beautiful place – and we got to explore it two days in a row!! Exploring new reserves with people new to Tasmania is a rare treat. Giving people the opportunity to relax whilst in nature and connect to land is a very important process in being able to feel at […]

Ode to Ben Lomond

One of the beautiful things about spending time in nature is how it brings out creativity. As part of a recent Get Outside Leadership camp with 12 young woman from a refugee background, a collaborative effort produces a beautiful song – not bad for people learning English! Thanks so much to Jodi Alexander for pulling […]

Legges Tor Summit – Ben Lomond national park

12 very cold people recently climbed Legges Tor Summit – Ben Lomond National Park. Now thats a feat!¬† Especially if you have never climbed a mountain before, in fact, if you nave never been bushwalking before in your life. It was freezing cold, despite many layers of clothes, short breaks and many snacks. We had […]

Getting Outside at Snug Falls

Snug Falls is a beautiful¬† short walk just south of Hobart,¬† but it feels a million miles away. When you are new to a country, new to a culture, new to a language, getting outside and enjoying a walk and some sunshine is sometimes too hard to do. The Get Outside program gives newly arrived […]

Get Outside and see wildlife at night

Most people who have recently arrived in Tasmania have heard all about our amazing animals – but sadly they don’t get to see them as the animals mostly come out at night. Recently on a trip to Maria Island 15 people got a guided night tour and were lucky to see many animals. . It […]

Painted cliffs – get outside leaders showing off new skills

On day three of the Get Outside leadership camp, the new leaders try out their skills in leading a group for the first time. The leaders introduce themselves and their walk to a group of walkers. They have to point out safety issues to be aware of (eg staying on the track, having a safety […]

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