One of the beautiful things about spending time in nature is how it brings out creativity. As part of a recent Get Outside Leadership camp with 12 young woman from a refugee background, a collaborative effort produces a beautiful song – not bad for people learning English! Thanks so much to Jodi Alexander for pulling this together.


Outside to Ben Lomond

Ben Lomond National Park, with your wind blowing so harsh, And your clouds going so fast, here i will stay

I wear six layers of clothes and still i am freezing my toes, Where did that warm hut go? Is this summer or winter?


Lead me to the mountain top, your care an smile will get me there. Breath in this beautiful place.

I feel proud, I fell happy, I feel strong ( x 2 )

Watch your step, see tadpoles and lizards. Rock by rock, not cushion plants.

Flowers of many colours frame the view.