PWS seeking Volunteer Campground Caretakers at Mount Field National Park

Friends of Mt Field

The Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) is currently advertising for Volunteer Campground Caretakers for Mount Field National Park Campground, for four and five-week placements, between mid-December and May during the 2023/24 and 2024/25 summers. Mount Field is one of Tasmania’s oldest and most diverse national parks, and offers visitors an array of natural wonders, […]

An untarnished legacy on Tarn Shelf

Friends of Mt Field

Finishing gravelling that other section of Tarn Shelf Track in May

An untarnished legacy on Tarn Shelf Some years ago, Friends of Mt Field used to work with Parks and Wildlife Service ranger Trevor Norris in Mt Field National Park. Both Trevor and the Friends enjoyed working together. Sadly, Trevor died, but he left a legacy to the Friends in his will. The Tarn Shelf Track […]

Friends of Mount Field need your help!

Friends of Mt Field

“I’d have to say, spending time with the wonderful group of volunteers from Friends of Mount Field has certainly given me a whole new appreciation of our tracks. Seeing just how dedicated the whole team were only made me strive to do more!!! One thing, however, that I have often noticed with volunteer groups in […]

When ‘planking’ doesn’t mean lying down on the job!

Friends of Mt Field

Friends of Mt Field’s K Col Project – this video takes you there. In this case, ‘planking’ doesn’t mean lying down on the job! With the support of a Tasmanian Community Fund Grant, Friends of Mt Field have worked hard in conjunction with the Parks and Wildlife Service and contractors, to protect alpine vegetation along […]

Tidying up by the Tyenna River

Friends of Mt Field

Blackberry removed from the banks of the Tyenna River, and some of the removers - Ross, Stephen, Howard and Greg

In June, the Friend of Mt Field saw a dense patch of blackberries on the bank of the Tyenna River. It was our first task for the day on our July working bee, but it proved to be a bigger one than anticipated. Being close to the river, spraying was undesirable, so we tackled it […]

Meet one of our new volunteers!

Friends of Mt Field

Meet Phoebe Roberts – a climber of mountains, adventurer and lover of all things wild. She recently volunteered with Wildcare for the first time. This is her story: Injuring my knee at the beginning of 2021 and being forced to slow down has given me time to think about our wild places and the impact […]

Back at Last

Friends of Mt Field

Lake Fenton Track For the first day back working in the park one of the easier tasks was chosen, to clear some of the minor overgrowth along the track beside Lake Fenton. The day was fine and mild until a dew spots of rain as we were finishing lunch, but that was all over within […]

Wildcare Makes Up for the Shortfall

Friends of Mt Field

Upgrading the K Col Track between K Col and The Watcher in the Mount Field National Park has finally been completed. Construction of a top quality boardwalk there now allows walkers to traverse this fragile and valuable place in comfort while no longer causing environmental damage. This Wildcare Friends of Mount Field (FOMF) project was […]

K Col Track Upgrade – Rambling the Rehabilitating Rodway Range

Friends of Mt Field

Text by Adrian Blackman and photos by Peter Franklin, (Secretary and President respectively of the Friends of Mount Field) The Friends of Mount Field are pleased to announce the completion of their most recent and most ambitious project—upgrading the K Col track between K Col and The Watcher in Mount Field National Park The construction […]

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