Friends of Mt Field

Upgrading the K Col Track between K Col and The Watcher in the Mount Field National Park has finally been completed. Construction of a top quality boardwalk there now allows walkers to traverse this fragile and valuable place in comfort while no longer causing environmental damage. This Wildcare Friends of Mount Field (FOMF) project was largely funded by the Tasmanian Community Fund but Wildcare Tasmania provided a crucial financial contribution enabling the project to be finished without compromise.

Directing timber delivery

The Tasmanian Community Fund grant and other smaller donations were completely used for the purchase of timber and other materials, to pay for helicopter transportation of materials, and for employment of professional track makers. FOMF members provided significant help at no cost. Prior to construction work getting underway it became apparent that an error had been made in calculating the length of track that needed to be upgraded. Despite making as many cost savings as possible there was insufficient money to allow completion of the now unfinanced extra 80 metres of track.

Supplementary funds were needed to pay for both additional materials and to pay for the construction work. Various compromise solutions were discussed with the Parks and Wildlife Service but all would result in unsatisfactory outcomes. Fortunately a Wildcare grant was obtained to make up for the shortfall in funds. The K Col Track upgrade has now been completed as originally envisioned. In addition, an extra helicopter flight was possible enabling the transportation of a pack of timber (purchased by the Parks and Wildlife Service) to Windy Moor. The timber is for the construction of an additional section of boardwalk on the Windy Moor Track leading to Mount Field East. (The extra helicopter flight was relatively inexpensive since the aircraft was already in the area for the K Col project; if that was not so then about $3000 extra would have been needed just to get the helicopter there).

Mount Field National Park is Tasmania’s 3rd most visited national park and attracts almost 200,000 visitors annually. The many walkers in the park will benefit from the major K Col Track and the minor Windy Moor Track upgrade. (The latter work is yet to be completed, being delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic.) The Wildcare Friends of Mount Field gratefully acknowledge the crucial contribution that Wildcare Tasmania has made to these endeavours.

Lovely open area in the vicinity of the damage to have planking. that was delivered to the site with the Wildcare grant.