Wildcare LogoToday (Dec 11th 2014) we are launching our new website. After many years with our old website we now have a more modern presence on the web that better utilises the technology of today. Our original site was developed well before the introduction of smart phones and tablets and was definitely getting a bit dated! We are confident that the new development will be useful for many years.

On Monday the 15th December all existing members will be sent their new login details. In the meantime have a look around at the new site.

Here are a few of the highlights

  • The site is compatible with PC’s, smart phones and tablets (including Apple and Android)
  • Members get to manage all their own details including recovery of passwords
  • You can easily stay in touch with your favourite branches
  • You can register for events quickly and easily
  • Branch Presidents can keep everyone informed with regular news articles
  • You can locate branches on a map and see what is happening around the state
  • You can join and renew online (if you are logged in) with secure credit card facilities
  • Online donations are handled via secure connections

In the future we will also be offering more products and members will get better feedback on the number of events they have attended plus the tally of the hours they have committed to Wildcare projects. We know you have been doing massive amounts of work, but its easy to forget, so we intend keeping a tally for you.

Have fun checking it out and if you spot any errors or glitches please drop a polite email to our webmaster via our contact form (select the website/technical issues option).