2016 Annual Report

Wildcare’s Annual Report is now available online. Get news of the activities of the Gift Fund Committee and be inspired by the projects of 15 featured Branches around Tasmania. And don’t miss the special feature on the 4th Island Arks Symposium. Click here to access the Annual Report.

A weed camp – 5 core people, 22 visitors and 3,965,000 plants removed.

The beginnings A partnership between Wildcare Tasmania, Sea Spurge Remote Areas Teams(SPRATS) and the Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) was set up by me, Helen Plaister, in November 2015 at Narawntapu NP. It was to be known as Wildcare: Friends of Narawntapu. As I had been involved in the have remote weed management (mainly sea […]

Penguin Cradle Trail Goes On

Events for 2016 This last year was very busy with many short notice meetings of the exec and brochure / map committee (every couple of weeks for several months in a row) so it wasn’t feasible to notify all members. Hopefully when the brochure is complete we can get back to some form of normality. […]

Friends of the Steppes – annual goings on

Friends of The Steppes Annual Report for 2016-17 The Mountain Hut Preservation Society volunteer group restoration of the outbuildings between 2010–14, gave a great boost of enthusiasm to friends of The Steppes Reserve. It became a pleasant site to work, and increased the visitor numbers. 33 working bees have been held since March 2016,, when […]

A well-earned break

Wellington Park Bushcare

Tuesday 7 March 2017 In what was ideal; weather a large patch of tall Gorse was tackled at the edge of Inglewood Fire Trail and the result was a very pleasing area cleared of the menace. Some seedlings were noticed from our last venture to this location in 2015. Morning break was  cool enough to be pleasant in […]

Well done Chloe !

Friends of Freycinet

At the Freycinet National Park centenary festival, Miss Chloe Grace-Baker from the Swansea Primary School presented Wildcare Inc with a large tin of coins to the value of $202.00 for the Wildcare Save the Whale fund. This donation was collected from students and parent from the school.  Chloe was very clear that this donation was […]


Friends of Freycinet

A TRIUMVIRATE OF TASKS Schouten Island 3-17 January 2017 Campground Caring Periwinkle Poisoning Gorse Gnashing A Friends of Freycinet team were all packed and ready to go to Schouten in December for our usual working bee but strong winds and lumpy seas put paid to that. Luckily a vacancy in the Campground host program came […]

A Generous Donation to support walking tracks !


Some days are just a bit more special than most. Recently I met two people who have a passion for natural areas, National Parks and bushwalking in Tasmania. And although their adventure horizons may be shorter these days, the memories of the time spent walking the wilds of Tasmania continue to fuel their imagination. As […]

Friends of Freycinet – a year in review.

Friends of Freycinet

Annual report 2016 This report covers the calendar year 2016 Events The Branch continued to be very active in assisting the PWS with a wide range of Parks management tasks. Our Partnership Agreement with PWS stipulates that we have at least 5 working bees each year and whilst we have not achieved that this year […]

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