The Wildcare Expo at Ulverstone on 14 November was a great success!  The Expo is coming to Hobart this weekend.  There are only a handful of spots remaining.

Wildcare Celebration and Expo – SOUTH (4pm – 6:30pm, 21st November)

As a 2020 gesture Wildcare is fully funding the events and not charging a fee for attendance.  However, registration is essential.

REGISTER by emailing your full name and contact number to office@wildcaretas.org.au

A free adult pass to Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary will be given to every attendee! (THANKS Bonorong!)  If you wish to support Bonorong’s work, Wildcare offers a tax deductible donation option within our Tasmanian Nature Conservation Fund and takes a $0 fee cut from donations.


The purpose of these events is to celebrate the Wildcare community and our partners, who have both been resilient through this year’s challenges. It is our hope that attendees will come away with renewed spirit, having explored volunteering opportunities and feeling part of a strong, positive and determined community. Of course we intend to have a fun time as well!

In David Attenborough’s latest documentary ‘A life on our planet’ he highlights the sad loss of biodiversity across our planet and says that preserving wild places from ‘taming’ is one of the most important challenges facing humankind. The care and conservation of wild places is what Wildcare is all about and the contribution of volunteers and philanthropists is more important than ever.