The Wildcare Tasmanian Nature Conservation Fund (TNCF) links the contributions of donors to important projects caring for the ‘wilds’ in Tasmania.  Important facts:

  • Wildcare Tasmania chooses to fully subsidise the TNCF so no administration fees are deducted from donations received. 
  • The TNCF has deductible gift recipient status which means that donations are tax-deductible. 
  • Most projects are completed or value-added partly or in full, by volunteers and/or our like-minded organisational partners. 


Donors may choose one or more of the following causes to donate to.



  • Keep wildlife safe                         (Preventing wildlife injury and maintaining habitat)
  • Bonorong                                        (Rescuing injured wildlife)
  • Wildlife rehab and release        (Rehabilitating wildlife for return to the wild)

Species that you can provide special help to

How donations connect to worthy projects

Wildcare Tasmania takes great care to ensure that money goes towards projects that align with the cause described on each donation page.  So, for example, if you donate to the Penguins cause, your money will go towards the conservation of penguins and not something else.

Wildcare Tasmanian Nature Conservation Grants

We connect donations to projects through our grants program.  Grant applications are invited from Wildcare Tasmania volunteer groups and organisational partners, at a minimum twice per year.  Applications are assessed by the Wildcare Grants Assessment Committee, who are a group of highly qualified volunteers passionate about Tasmania’s wild places and wildlife.  

Large donations, bequests and ‘natural partnerships’

Large donations, bequests and ‘natural partnerships’ have enabled truly significant legacy projects through Wildcare Tasmania, that will help protect wild regions and wildlife long term.

If you are an organisation looking to have a genuine environmental and social responsibility impact, then a Natural Partnership with Wildcare is a unique, grass-roots option that achieves both environmental benefits as well as social benefits, through bringing people together around a shared purpose. 

Our website is configured to accept overseas donations. 


A bequest is a very powerful way of leaving a future legacy that will benefit the wild places and wildlife of Tasmania.   It is possible to specify a particular environmental cause that you would like to support, or you may wish to leave more general bequest instructions.

For more information on how to leave a bequest to Wildcare’s Tasmanian Nature Conservation Fund, please contact our office: memberservices@wildcaretas.org.au

Contact us

If you would like to donate an amount above $10,000, make a bequest, or discuss natural partnership options, our CEO would love to speak to you personally.  Please email ceo@wildcaretas.org.au or phone 0361654149. 

If for any reason you have any difficulties making a donation, please phone 0486034067 or email bookkeeper@wildcaretas.org.au


Tasmanian Nature Conservation Fund Prospectus 

Report to Donors 

Wildcare Grants Information

Wildcare Tasmania home page for the latest stories and information on how to join.