Wildcare Tasmania operates a tax-deductible donations fund called the Tasmanian Nature Conservation Fund (TNCF). Through the TNCF we bring together the contributions of volunteers and donors to care for the ‘wilds’ in Tasmania.

Our Tasmanian Nature Conservation Fund Prospectus showcases how we manage the TNCF and the causes and projects that are supported.  Wildcare takes a $0 fee cut from donations as we cover our low admin expenses from within interest earnings.

If you would like to read about some of the great projects that our donors have made possible, you can do so in our Report to Donors.

We sincerely thank you for any support you are able to provide.




  • Keep wildlife safe                         (Preventing wildlife injury and maintaining habitat)
  • Bonorong                                        (Rescuing injured wildlife)
  • Wildlife rehab and release        (Rehabilitating wildlife for return to the wild)

Species that you can provide special help to

Donating from overseas

Our online system is configured to accept overseas donations and this hopefully should be a quick and painless process.  If for any reason you have any difficulties, please drop us an email at bookkeeper@wildcaretas.org.au

Large donations and ‘natural partnerships’

Our online system is set up to accept donations up to $10,000. If you would like to donate a larger sum, our CEO would love to speak to you personally to make the arrangements and to discuss any specific purpose that you are interested in supporting.  Please email ceo@wildcaretas.org.au or phone 0361654230.

How your donation is managed

Wildcare  Tasmania is a not for profit charity that cares for wild places and wildlife in Tasmania, through our Tasmanian Nature Conservation Fund.  Most projects are value-added through the work of volunteers who work alongside land managers and other conservation organisations. 

We take great care to ensure that money goes towards projects that align to the cause as described on each donation page.  So if you donate to the Penguins cause for example, your money will go towards care of penguins and not something else.

Donations are managed in accordance with our status as a Registered Environmental Organisation.  Grant applications are invited from Wildcare volunteer groups and organisational partners, at a minimum twice per year to ensure that money is getting out onto the ground where needed.  In cases of urgent need, we consider grant applications outside of the normal schedule.  

Applications are assessed by the Wildcare Grants Assessment Committee, who are a group of highly qualified people who are passionate about Tasmania’s wild places and wildlife and volunteer their time to assess applications.  

Thank you sincerely in anticipation for any donation you are able to make.  

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