A Tale of Two Huts

A Tale of Two Huts Slosh, slosh along the track. Soggy boots, muddy legs, dripping parka and the pack is heavy with a sodden tent. But we’re bound for the bushwalkers’ huts at Melaleuca, with the promise of a cosy place to shed our wet clothes and spread out under a roof. Close to the […]


TREASURE HUNT! Win and Clyde Clayton created a simple and welcoming home at Bathurst Harbour in the State’s southwest. Claytons Corner is still a cosy shelter and a meeting hub, which benefits from Friends of Melaleuca’s ongoing care and maintenance. At FoM’s September meeting last year, Chris Creese suggested re-creating a more homely look to […]

Friends of Melaleuca – March Working Bee

Thank you, Wildcare Tasmania, for supporting Friends of Melaleuca’s March working bee. A $2000 grant assisted volunteer flights to Melaleuca and contributed to the annual freight-in/rubbish-out boat trip organised by Tas PWS. In this place where no roads go, these are Friends of Melaleuca’s greatest costs. Rubbish removal is a problem at Melaleuca because of […]

Impressions from a new volunteer

IMPRESSIONS FROM A NEW VOLUNTEER Photos and story by Glenn Butterworth From the moment our light plane circled over the gleaming white gravel runway, I was in awe of the mountainous landscape around us and knew this was going to be a very special experience. I didn’t know what to expect or what I’d be […]


This is the story of a string of flukes. Really it starts in 1959, but we’ll get back to that later. Recently, Jean Jackson purchased a 35mm slide projector from a tip shop. It was a Hanimex carousel projector, high tech in its day, and she chose it from a row of other solid, functional […]

From Utah to down under – Meet Hunter Birch

Hunter Birch is a Wilderness Ranger at Zion National Park, Utah. During a recent 6 month stay in Tasmania, he discovered Wildcare and participated in 2 working bees with Friends of the Franklin River and Friends of Melaleuca. After safely returning to work in the U.S. – amidst dealing with crowds and search and rescues […]

Melaleuca through Andy’s Eyes

Melaleuca through Andy’s Eyes a b  c  Photographer in residence during Friends of Melaleuca‘s working bee in March 2020 was Andy Johnson, of Hillvale Photos in Brunswick, Melbourne. These are some of the images he took during the working bee. Although Andy loves old style film cameras, these ones were taken with a digital SLR […]

Melaleuca – a poem

The COVID-19 lock-down has given some Wildcare Friends of Melaleuca members time for reflection and creativity. Rob Banfield, still dreaming of Melaleuca, wrote this poem inspired by the recent working bee.         Melaleuca At least that’s what she’s called now. We wonder about her name when the ice crept down… Sun dazzles expectant […]

Friends of Melaleuca

Wildcare Friends of Melaleuca – fish oiling, drain digging, brush cutting and weeding as far away, the world starts to change FOM Working Bee 2020 Wildcare By volunteer Pip Jones with photos by Andy Johnson. As the world began to change and news of an escalating coronavirus crisis began to reach Australian shores, 17 volunteers […]

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