Friends of Melaleuca WILDCARE

Ian Marmion, Photo Glenn Butterworth

In July, Ranger-in-Charge for the Southwest, Ian Marmion, retired.

Ian has guided planning for Friends of Melaleuca’s working bees and provided support and hands-on-work on the ground since 2014.

Our branch began in 2009, so Ian has been our PWS support for most of the life of FoM. We appreciate this active relationship and continuity over these years.

Several FoM members attended Ian’s official PWS farewell function at Hadleys on 14 July. A farewell speech on behalf of FoM, delivered by Janet Fenton in appreciation of Ian’s support can be found on our Branch files here.

Friends of Melaleuca is a large Wildcare branch, currently with a membership of 215, and with varied skills and expertise amongst our membership. Many of us have a very long association with the place (even going back before the formation of PWS!). We have detailed knowledge and interest in its history and natural history. Ian respects this knowledge, and the expertise that our group can bring to the table, just as we respected his position as Ranger-in-Charge.

Ian is now heading off on a Churchill Fellowship that he was awarded serveral years ago,but was unable to take up at the time because of COVID travel restrictions. Congratulations to Ian, and we are looking forward to hearing about his trip when he returns to our little island.

After Ian’s return we can be sure that he’ll feel the call of the Southwest again. It’s all that buttongrass water!

Farewell Ian and hearty thanks for your involvement with Friends of Melaleuca over the years.

2014-The refurbished throne at Claytons! Photo- Statham