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Have you heard of the Maugean skate?

It is an ancient Gondwanan relict species of skate. Seldom seen, this endangered animal lurks under the tannin waters of Macquarie Harbour.

Maugean Skates are Tasmania’s largest endemic fish and also one of the State’s most endangered marine species. They face many challenges in Macquarie Harbour, especially in today’s world.

The NRM Team at Cradle Coast aim to raise the profile of Maugean Skates and give these creatures ‘the Tassie icon status they deserve’. To this end, NRM Cradle Coast Authority is organising an art exhibition about the Maugean Skate in Strahan this summer.

The exhibition runs from January 14 – February 28, with a Skate Art Trail that takes in 11 different venues around Strahan and 1 at Queenstown. Click here to view the key details of the Skate Trail Map below:

Plenty of time to visit the west coast, take a look and find out more about this amazing animal. View the exhibition entries via the online gallery.

Cradle Coast Authority has provided more information on the Maugean skate along with some beautiful images here.